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                                              Tips For To Make Home Ownership A Pleasure

How To Begin:

Most people will start their search for home ownership on the internet.  While this is fine,home buying is a process:

  • First you will need to get your pre-approval from a trust-worthy lender.  A pre-approval takes about 20 minutes over the phone. The pre-approval letter is to determine how much house you can afford.  It is advisable to speak to more than one lender. This is NOT a mortgage.


  • Second choose a real estate professional who will be able to guide you by analyzing data, answering questions and share their professional expertise.


  • Third  is to make a list of your "Wants" and a list of your "Needs" in the home that you wish to live.


  • Fourth, with the aide of your real estate professional, set-up a property search. You will know immediately when your dream home comes on the market. 


  • Fifth, when you find a home that wish to purchase, your real estate professional will guide you through the paperwork, inspections, deadlines and settlement.


  • Lastly,  your real estate professional will guide you through settlement.  Making certain that everything runs smoothly.

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