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Selling your home can be daunting. This is why you want a team of real estate professionals to guide you through the process. Choose and agent who believes in communication, accessibility and transparency. Choose an agent who is as focused on the sale of your home as you are.

Selling your home is a partnership.  Your role is to keep your home is Tip Top Shape:

Curb Appeal :   Pull the weeds, trim the shrubs especially if they are blocking the view of the home, cut the grass and add a planter to the front porch for a splash of color and a welcoming feel.

Interior:  Clean and New Sells

  • Clean homes sell homes faster and increase your returns. You may wish to hire a professional cleaning service. Ask your real estate professional for a recommendation.
  • Repairing cracks and holes in walls.
  • Paint walls and ceilings with a neutral color makes the rooms look bigger and brighter.
  • Go through your home with a critical eyes and repair anything you find that needs attention. Leaky faucets, sticky cabinets, sticking windows. doors that won't open or close. These seem like small items but it eliminates problems that the buyers can focus on for price reductions.
  • Reduce clutter in all rooms.  Arrange the furniture to allow for easy traffic flow and to show the purpose of the room.
  • Pack away personal items.  You want the buyer to envision themselves as living in your home.
  • Turn on lights and open curtains and shades.
  • Declutter counters. This gives the feeling of hassle free living.
  • Keep the temperature of your home comfortable.

It may be inconvenient you will need to keep your home in tip top shape until the sale of your property.

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